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Antique Furniture Restoration & Shabby Chic

Recently we had some old antique furniture restored by Ella Jenkins a specialist in furniture restoration techniques, who is able to perform furniture re-upholstery, use special furniture painting techniques and can also apply those old fashioned finishes to make new tables and chairs look quite different and old, an effect I am told is called "shabby chic".


They have a website called Bay Tree Originals which is about their workshop in Lincolnshire where they run the antique furniture restoration business, and also perform interior design work for a number of clients who run hotels, public houses and bed and breakfasts, etc.

Their emphasis is on encouraging you to make the most of the furniture you already own, and to think twice before throwing it out. So don’t take it to the tip because its “old fashioned”.  Update and transform it instead for re-use in your home and garden.

Bay Tree Originals also have an E-Bay shop where they sell recently refurbished tables, chairs and other antiquities.


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