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The Corporate Executor & Trustee

I have included this page on my web site simply because it is an old-fashioned decree which I quite like to read and think about from time to time....



An eminent jurist has described the ideal Executor & Trustee in the following terms:

‘The Trustee of my property, my Executor, must be always well and at home; he must never run away and never steal; must have life everlasting; must be rich and stay rich with all his property pledged to the proper performance of his trust; must have no partialities; must be subject to no political or personal influences; must make no mistakes; must never forget; must do what he is told to do, first, last and all the time; must keep a complete record of what he does; must make only reasonable charges, and must have the learning, the experience, the discretion, not only of one man, but of a number of the most successful business men of the community.’

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