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Childrens Toys Playtime Coloring Books to Print: Download, Print and Bind Little Story Books


from e-book to real book in minutes

Rather than buying your children new toys and games why not try these? From a quick download to a REAL colouring book in the hands of your child... literally within minutes!

Kids Craft Ideas - Imaginative, creative and best of all - they're FUN colouring books for your children

"Teachers, parents, grandparents! How the kids can get a complete set of REAL turn-the-pages little story-and-coloring books directly from the Web into your home or class... within minutes!"

(Read on to get a FREE BOOK like the one pictured here...)

Let the children have quality fun with the 30-Books Fun Set !

Within minutes, and without setting a foot outside your home to get new toys or games, the kids could have...

  • a brand new set of story books on the shelf!
  • exciting new story-related pictures to color in!
  • a fun, innovative kids craft ideas activity full of surprises!

And while they're having fun, they will also...

  • practise their listening and reading!
  • expand their knowledge!
  • develop their fine motor skills!
  • stimulate their imagination!

How does it work?

Here's how:

  • Download these e-books with specially prepared coloring pages to print out (see sample)
  • Included are easy-and-fun instructions on how to quickly assemble the little coloring books. All you need is: a pair of scissors, paper glue and a stapler...
  • You get REAL, physical, little story and coloring books from the web into your living room within minutes! No waiting for snail mail...
  • There's fun from beginning to end: cutting, pasting binding, reading, enjoying the full color pictures, coloring in the cute line drawings...
  • If the kids grow restless... just print some pages and keep them happy for hours!
  • You can even print some more copies of these story-and-coloring books if the neighbor's kids arrive and want to join in the fun...!

Myleine of Lethbridge, Canada writes:
" Thank you so much. My 3 year old has enjoyed reading and coloring Detective Mouse and the Nameless Letter. He has also started leaving notes under doors just so that he can pretend to be the detective! Thanks again." - Myleine

Once they're all assembled into real little books,
this is what the 30-Books Fun Set looks like:

After trying the free book Karen Lawliss wrote:
I loved it! Loved it so much I bought the whole set! Thanks for such a great product!!
- Karen Lawliss, creator of Vital Card


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