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Blunden Shadbolt - Architect

My grandfather was an architect who specialised in designing very olde-worlde houses from brand new. His name was Blunden Shadbolt (where I get my middle name Blunden from).

Blunden Shadbolt passed away in 1949, and is now fairly well respected for his house designs and the Neo-Tudor or Arts and Crafts Movement style of architecture that he has become renowned for. Like minded contemporaries of his time were Baillie Scott and Lutyens.


Here is a picture of my grandfather, and the house shown is "Cross Oak" (previously known as "Orchards"), built in 1930 for himself and my grandmother Joyce, and where my mother Elizabeth was born on 13th October 1931.

When the site is complete you will be able to learn more about his unique style of architecture at: www.BlundenShadbolt.co.uk


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