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Barney The Dog

Here he is. The best dog ever of course! Well to us anyway!

Our beautiful Barney. Huge in character. Fun and mischievous, a big dog but always gentle - almost white like a polar bear.

A cross-breed mix of Lab Retriever and St. Bernard.

Greatly missed by all the family, and was loved by all in our village.

We enjoyed 8 years of his company after fostering him from the NCDL (National Canine Defense League) now known as Dogs Trust. When we first brought Barney into our home he had a red-raw nose from trying to escape from under a shed door, he had dry-eye and absolutely NO FUR down his right-hand flank due to thyroid problems and the messy conditions he had been left in, we just couldn't believe how he had been neglected.

Still he was as strong as an ox, and me 'n' Barnes would walk along the path, him pulling in one direction, and me counter-balancing him by leaning in the other direction! Over the years it wore down my walking boots on one side!

Barnwell Muttlepup, Chungular Wungular.

This is Barney laughing - I kid you not - he is not yawning or growling. I was on the floor to take this photo, and just as I said "Cheese", he reached out his paw and touched my hand.

Barney The Dog enjoying the fresh morning air in the garden.

I love this photo with my grand-children, Daniel and Ellie, they adored him.
Its almost like Barney Dog is saying "Do we look ok?"

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