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Interested in Free MP3 Downloads? Why not check out our album.....

"One Ring"
Music inspired by The Lord of the Rings

One Ring is the result of our musical collaboration over a 4 year period (before all the hype for the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings movies - we didn't jump on the bandwagon).

If you are a Tolkien fan, or just want some MP3's to listen to you might be interested in our music!

At our website www.MetroGnomeStudios.com you can learn more about the project, and download FREE tracks from the album (in MP3 and Realaudio formats) - and get a FREE Lord of the Rings screensaver!

You can buy One Ring for only
+ $2 shipping to anywhere in the world.

Click here for Tolkien Lord of the Rings music mp3 and realaudio downloads

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