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Our Interests

In time we plan this section to share some of our interests with you.

  • Scuba Diving
  • Music

My wife and I are both keen Scuba Divers, and we will soon be adding some new pages devoted to our sport.

For now, read about some of our musical interests.....


Music and J.R.R.Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings"

Music is my absolute passion. When I'm not playing, I'll be listening, and what I like varies greatly.

As a teenager I read J.R.R.Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" for the first time, and being a musician I wanted to portray some of the images that Tolkien evoked in my imagination.

Later in life I met another keen musician who also shared the same interest, his name is Kevin Pearce, and we became friends and decided to embark on a project to create a film-score style music album based upon the great story, and created a professional studio-quality CD called....

"One Ring" - Music inspired by The Lord of the Rings

One Ring is the result of our musical collaboration over a 4 year period (before all the hype for the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings movies - we didn't jump on the bandwagon).

If you are a Tolkien fan, you might be interested in our music!

At our website www.MetroGnomeStudios.com you can learn more about the project, and download short clips from the album (in MP3 and Realaudio formats).

You can buy One Ring for only
+ $2 shipping to anywhere in the world.

Click here for Tolkien Lord of the Rings music mp3 and realaudio downloads


Do you own a Sony Ericsson K750 Mobile Phone?

A friend of ours creates his own K750 themes for his mobile phone. If you own a Sony Ericsson K750 Mobile Phone, you will find some free menu themes he has made on the following page where you can click on a preview link, or use the download link.

Click here for a FREE Lord of the Rings menu theme download for Sony Ericsson K750 Mobile Phones


I grew up on groups like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, Thomas Dolby, Yello, The The, Moody Blues, Sting, Hawkwind, Motorhead, The Damned, Tears for Fears, Rush, the list is endless, and I can't bear to ditch my huge vinyl record collection, and have MP3'd some of my favourites.

I used to hate classical music when I was young because my father made me listen to it, but now I've 'seen the light' and enjoy a number of classical composers like Mozart, Bach, Prokofiev, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Pierre van Maldere. For me it has to be interesting and imaginative, Holst "The Planets Suite" is a perfect example of this, or Vivaldi's "Four Seasons". John Barry is also a favourite modern composer. His music is very evocative and has such grace to it.

Over the years my musical tastes have changed, and now I'm more into the modern set. I love ambient music, groups such as Enigma (all their albums are superb), Enya, Vangelis (an absolute genius), Acoustic Alchemy (for beautiful acoustic guitar), and when I want to pump up the volume I like techno and drum-n-bass, like Steve Hillage/System 7, Moby, Leftfield, Banco de Gaia (Toby Marks is an absolute master of what I class as intelligent ambient techno), The Orb (early stuff), and the "more classy" techno/trance anthems such as Karen Ramirez, Paul van Dyk, Faithless, Katcha, Solar Stone, Airscape, and others of that style. I have virtually all the Orbital albums by Phil & Paul Hartnoll who I think are just brilliant.

I love a bit of "jazz fusion", in particular Funky Porcini who have such a laid back style, and for modern jazz a bit of Pat Metheny.

And for good old rock I like Queen, ELO, Robert Plant, Supertramp, Jules Holland and Coldplay.

Whatever it is - music just fills you with inspiration and the will to move on and achieve things.

Click here for our Free MP3 Music Downloads section.

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